Skin Repair Cream


Use Mother Nature to mend cracked skin and scars with this plant-based skin repair cream.

-Rapidly softens the look of scars and imperfections
-Boosts collagen levels with pure Organic Wildcrafted Shea Butter
Infuses skin with raw, vital nutrients
-Natural protection
from bacteria and fungus
-Instantly quenches dry, rough skin
-Flattens the appearance of raised scars
-Restores health to red, irritated skin
-Improves skin barrier function
-Potent source of healing minerals, essential fatty acids and B & D Vitamins
your complexion for an even skin tone

Click on the “How To Apply” tab below for directions on how to use this revolutionary natural food skin care balm.  Our fully concentrated formula provides you with complete control.  The hardest part will be learning to use less.

Net wt.: 2 oz (50g) – Fully concentrated to last surprisingly long

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Give your skin the strength it needs to repair and recover with this specialized combination of botanical butters. Relieve chronic dryness with powerful antioxidant plant oils. Replenish moisture and form a natural barrier to protect from environmental stress, extreme temperatures, and pollution. Dramatically reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and blemishes. Instant relief from:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Burns
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Fissures
  • Diaper rash
  • Bug bites
  • Redness
  • Itchy skin

Our potent formula is perfect for every skin type, restoring beautiful radiance to your complexion. Make it your daily go-to for soft, healthy, moisturized skin.

Made without any harmful chemicals or potential toxins to provide a safe, healthy, non-irritating moisturizer for you and your family.  Healing can be used on even the most delicate and sensitive skin.


Non-GMO Preservative Free All Natural Hand-crafted & Cold-pressed Made with Organic Ingredients whenever possible No animal testing



Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil**, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter**, Tocotrienols, Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM).

Be sure to visit Our Ingredients page for more information about the amazing benefits of each ingredient.

How To Apply

This balm is fully concentrated and undiluted.  When you are first learning how to use this product, start by using VERY small quantities.  DO NOT use the amount you would typically use with any other lotion or moisturizer.

  • Use the back of the nail to remove about half the size of a small pea from the jar.
  • That is enough to cover the face and neck.  Adjust accordingly for the various body parts.
  • Massage into slightly damp skin or mix with a few drops of water on the hands before applying.
  • Applying any of our products with several drops of warm water on the skin will allow a very small amount to be spread over a much larger area.

Use in full concentration on problem areas for faster results. If using in full concentration to assist with a problem area, apply to the area(s) at least twice daily.

Using too much may result in a greasy feeling.  If too much has been used, simply allow it to absorb into the skin for several minutes.  You may have to wet your hands to help spread the lotion over a larger area of the body.

Make this a part of your daily routine and your skin will have a healthier, more youthful glow and be better moisturized.

IMPORTANT: Always begin with the size of a small pea and add more as necessary.


  1. Denise

    After using a product on my hair that dried it out and made it feel like straw, I needed it to be soft again. After searching my bathroom and finding no hair conditioner, I took the jar of Healing and put it on my hair, combed it through and tied it up. After an hour I jumped in the shower and washed my hair. Was I thrilled when after blow drying my hair it felt so soft and supple. It does for my hair what it does for my feet. I literally use it head to toe!

  2. Lorraine

    I have been using your Healing Skin Care product for 3 months. I have psoriasis on my elbows. They have cracked open and bled and have been very tender. Always bright red and raised skin. I have used this product every day and have been surprised and joyful at the results. Within a month, no more cracking! The bright red skin is gone and my skin is smooth, not rough anymore. At this time my elbows just look a little ashy. I can wear short sleeves without feeling self conscious. Unbelievable!! Thank you for recommending this cream.

  3. Banana

    I first used this balm as tattoo aftercare in place of the standard petroleum based jelly, and not having read the instructions on the jar, used it at full strength, which was a little greasy but really not too bad. My oh my, did my fresh ink heal beautifully! I used it two to three times a day after washing and drying the area and it peeled after 4 days (which is super fast) AND retained all the color! My boyfriend does all my tattoos (professionally, yes!) and he was pretty apprehensive about my using the product on a fresh tattoo, then he was blown away during the healing phase and is sold on it now that they’re healed.

    Yesterday I got a little too sun kissed at the beach will be using this balm again (a little diluted) a few times a day until it heals. Most of the redness and inflammation has calmed since applying for the first time last light! I’m pretty fair so I usually burn and then flake or freckle but I’ve got a feeling I may wind up with a little tan this time around!

  4. Denise

    Plaque Psoriasis on my legs really cleared up when applying this very moisturizing treatment going to purchase my 2nd jar can’t live without it now!

  5. T

    Being from a bug infested part of North America, I am no stranger to insect bites. While traveling in a much more equatorial part of the world, I applied this product on some (I think mosquito?) bites I’d been gifted, and not only did they stop iching within minutes, but the swelling disappared completely inside of a few hours… I have tried numerous over the counter as well as “traditional folklore” remedies for bug bites, but I have never seen anything work as quickly and effectively as this product.

  6. Abby

    I started using this years ago. My skin absolutely loves it! I noticed my stretch marks began to disappear, it was amazing! So I started using it on my old scars and they began to look blended and soften. I swear by this lotion and use it all over my body after every shower.

  7. andrea

    I started using these products years ago on myself and I have to say, once you start using them,, you notice the difference when you run out of them and have to use something else,…….they are that addicting!!
    When I had my twins, I tried the ‘normal’ creams that all the big stores sell to get rid of diaper rash and rosacea. nothing worked and actually made the their skin more irritated. I started using healing and within a day the symptoms were noticeably gone..
    p.s.. I found a small bottle that had been missing for over a year (minus the lid). I couldn’t believe that after all that time that the product was still good and never dried out!!!! Spread the word!!!

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