Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your ingredients better?

The farms we use are all co-ops, organic and non-GMO because we support small business and small farms.

Our ingredients never use solvents for extraction. Every ingredient is mechanically pressed or extracted at low temperatures to maintain and protect the vital nutrients and to maintain the purity of the ingredient.  For many of our ingredients, this process is tedious and time consuming.  The cheaper shea butters, coconut oils, cacao butters and tocotrienols you find on the market use solvents and/or are processed at very high temperatures.  The cost savings to cut this large corner is significant for these companies.  Processing ingredients this way severely degrades the integrity and/or completely destroys the vital nutrients that are needed to really provide the skin the best possible care.  This way of thinking, profit over people, will never have a place in our business model at Nature’sRepair.

We do not accept whatever Coconut Oil, Shea Butter or Cacao Butter is shipped.  Lot samples are sent to us for review.  Only the highest quality lot is accepted for our products.

When combining our ingredients, they are never heated above 123°F (except for products with beeswax, of course).  This process is time consuming and very involved.  We make every effort to preserve and protect the delicate and precious enzymes and nutrients found in each ingredient.

You say all of your ingredients are food grade, but the label says do not consume. Why?

We would ask the same thing if we were you.  First and foremost, the insurance company requires it.

We called the FDA.  We asked what would be required to say it is safe to eat.  Their response was that it is impossible for a cosmetic to be a food.  It is either one or the other, never both.  If we say it is a cosmetic, but also food you can eat, then we are misbranding.  If we say it is a food that is a moisturizer, then again, we are misbranding.  We intend for our products to be put on your skin as moisturizers and skin conditioners, not consumable food.

There is no expiration, best by or sell by date.  If it is a food, it must have an expiration and a nutrition label.  Since these products are not meant for you to consume or cook with, there is no reason to put those on the label.

These products have been tasted by quite a few people, most of the products taste rather unpleasant.  You are not going to want to eat any of the products unless you are in pure survival mode from being stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to eat.  Although they have been known to be used as a cooking oil on occasion.

What if your baby or pet eats a jar because the smell is so amazing?  Use common sense.  We must say to call your physician, safety first.  We do not know if an allergy exists, how long you have had that product or what conditions it was exposed to.  Because it is not marketed as a food, care instructions such as “refrigerate after opening” or “keep in a cool dry place” are not on the label.

Why don't you sell larger sizes?

It may seem like 2 oz is not a lot, and for a normal skin cream, you would be correct!  These skin conditioners/creams/lotions/moisturizers (whatever you want to call them) are fully concentrated.  A little bit goes a long way when your hands or skin are already damp.  Use about the size of half a pea on your face and neck combined.  Same for both of your arms and shoulders all combined.  Start with using small amounts, only use more if necessary.  Using less will be your biggest hurdle!  The amount of your old moisturizer that you used on your face will now be about the amount you use for both of those long, sexy legs of yours.

We have had people tell us they need to use more than what is stated above.  That may very well be true in the beginning.  Your skin may really soak up the cream because it needs the moisture and the nutrients.  With consistent use, you will not need as much.  Also, check your hydration.  Being PROPERLY hydrated has a huge effect on your skin and body as a whole.  The better hydrated your skin, the less product you will require.

Everything is made of food, does it go bad or turn rancid?

No.  Not that we have found yet!  We have product from 2013, 2014 and 2015 that has been in a variety of temperatures and conditions.  These products have spent months in different places; a 140° storage unit, below freezing out in a car, humid airplane hangars, trailers in the dry deserts, to just your average room temp in a house.

The two main reasons that there are no products on the market that are 100% pure food without preservatives or stabilizers, at least not that we have come across yet, are because when manufactured without preservatives, synthetics or other harmful/toxic chemicals, it will go rancid.  Most manufacturers of cosmetics simply will not make or deal with products that are 100% food.  Our special formulation from start to finish is the reason these products will not go foul just sitting out.  You can read in the reviews, one person found a jar that had been missing for over a year without the lid!  The contents were not dried out and worked amazingly on her babies diaper rash.

This special formulation also unlocks all the enzymes and nutrients enabling your skin to use it effectively to get the most out of each ingredient.

I think Nourish is drying out my lips!?!?

Some people have reported that Nourish actually dries out their lips and they have to use Defense.  Hmmmm….interesting.

Vitamin E has been known, in some people, to irritate lips.  First, try applying Nourish with moist fingers or lips.  Do not use saliva, use water, the same way you would apply Defense with moist hands.  If that doesn’t work, discontinue use and use Young or Healing daily or as needed.

The other problem people have reported with Nourish is that they can’t get it out of the jar.  Instead of putting the soft side of your finger in, use the top of your nail to pull it out.  It doesn’t matter if you have long fingernails or fingernails so short they don’t go past your skin.  Pull all of the products out of the jars this way.  It gives much better control over how much you use.

Why don't you add essential oils or the latest fad ingredient?

Excellent question!!

It will ruin the integrity and the power of the products.  Jojoba oil for example has great benefits for the skin.  However, when you combine it with other ingredients, there are chemical reactions that occur.  The benefit that you received from just jojoba oil is not the same when you mix it with other ingredients into a lotion because of this chemistry.  Our formulas are created for the maximum benefit for your skin to heal and repair itself.  Making changes by adding essential oils to create a variety of scents or adding the latest fad in cosmetics will not allow Nature’sRepairs products to provide you with the same results.

We are not about smoke and mirrors trying to sell you the latest fad.  We are here to give you the purest ingredients that will actually be good for your skin and body as a whole.

Are you coming out with other products?


We are in the final stages of developing a deodorant that works!!  And it works for days without reapplying once you have used it daily for about 2 months.  We do not use animals or laboratory’s for testing.  We use real people in the real world and that takes time.

A spray on, leave in daily hair conditioner that makes your hair soft, shiny, healthy and manageable!

We have had requests for antiperspirants for the feet and are in the process of developing that as well.  Keep in mind, sweating is the body’s way of cooling down.  If you stop sweating from one part of your body, you will sweat from another.  It may move to your forehead, your arms, your upper lip, your scalp, your back, anywhere!  We are working on finding a healthy balance of “reducing” sweat using 100% food.  If you have sweaty feet and use an antiperspirant under your arms, replace it with a deodorant that does not contain an antiperspirant to see if the sweat from your feet lessens.  Keep in mind, the sweat under your arms will increase.  The main ingredient in antiperspirants is an aluminum-based compound.  Exceptionally toxic!  When moistened, it becomes a gel and “fills-in” the sweat gland.  This essentially blocks it by preventing any moisture to pass through.  There have been many studies regarding the numerous health issues associated with aluminum, a known neurotoxin.  Finding an antiperspirant that is aluminum-free is not enough.  Make sure the product you use does not contain chemicals like triclosan or propylene glycol.  These are also very harmful endocrine disruptors.

Do you have a skin problem and need a healthy remedy that we do not already provide?  Reach out to us and we will do our best to help create a product just for you.

What products does Summer use?

Well, I use all of them.  Almost in a rotation over periods of time.
(Quick note: use the back of your nail to pull any of the products out of the jars.  It’s much easier and it gives you far better control over how much you are using.  It doesn’t matter if you have really long nails, or nails so short they don’t go past your fingertip.)


    • on my face, arms, shoulders, mid-riff, legs and back.


    • On my feet almost daily.
    • I always apply Defense all over my body if I’m out in the hot sun and burning is possible.  I use it on every piece of my skin that is exposed to the sun twice a day, minimum.  Don’t forget the tip of your nose, I always do.
      I personally do not use sunscreen.  This is in no way a recommendation for you.  Everyone’s skin is unique and reacts differently.  The sun is not unhealthy.  When I first get to a tropical location, I am not in it all day at first.  I give my skin time to build up a tolerance without burning.  I pay very careful attention to my skin.  I cover up, I go inside, I put more Healing or Defense on, what ever it is saying to me, I Iisten.  After a few weeks, I can stay in the sun all day without the risk of burning.
    • During the winter I use it daily on my hands and face to keep the moisture locked in.  I developed this product when I realized that Young/Healing couldn’t stop or prevent windburn or the moisture from being sucked out when I was out on the mountain snowboarding all day.  I remember getting in the car after a long, windy, cold day in Colorado and caught a glimpse of my beaten skin in the rear view mirror.  Yikes!  It took awhile, but I found the perfect combo of ingredients to keep my skin defended from the harsh elements.

I also use the above mentioned products in my hair after every wash.  My hair is super fine and thin for reference.  Be warned…using too much (which is easy to do!) will make it look greasy.  After I get done putting everything on my body, I take just an itsy bit more, rub it in my palms and then gently scrunch/press it into my hair.  It is the ONLY product I put in my hair.  Dr. Bronner’s soap to wash, apple cider vinegar spritzed in while still in the shower, and finished by scrunching or pressing Young/Healing or Defense into it before towel drying.  I actually started doing this because a customer said he used Defense to style his hair.  Then another customer said they have really thick hair and started using Young/Healing to help manage it.  Try it for yourself, but I’m serious about using too much!!  When I first tried it, I didn’t feel like anything transferred from my palms to my hair, so I put a little more in.  I was wrong.  So very wrong.  Start out by just using what is left over in your palms after applying to your skin and build from there.  Why rub it off on a towel? Use every ounce you can!


    • If my lips even feel like they are going to become chapped, I immediately put it on with a few drops of water.
    • I have also been known to put this on my lips before eating really hot foods that burn.  It creates a barrier that protect my skin from the burning sensation.  It also soothes them if I forget to put it on first…
    • If I get a cold, I immediately begin putting Nourish on really thick around my nose to prevent it from drying out and becoming sore.
    • Remember, Nourish is Defense, just a different jar.


    • I use this on my feet in place of Defense.
    • I also put this on my face, arms and legs every so often to give a break from the usual routine.  I developed this mainly so the people who can’t afford the products that provide the most effective nutrition for your skin have a truly healthy, pure option.
    • Gone can be used in the same way.  Although Gone was designed specifically as a make-up remover, it is more than just a makeup remover.


  • I don’t wear makeup – ever.  But I do use Gone in a variety of other ways.
    • When my face feels extra dirty, I wash my face with it.  Coconut oil is a great cleanser and the tocotrienols make my skin feel so soft and smooth!
    • Speaking of washing, I make homemade body wipes with Gone as well.
      • Cut up a couple old soft t-shirt into whatever size squares you desire.  Fold them as small as possible.  I use about 4″ or 5″ squares.
      • In an 8oz glass jar, put about 1/3 of a container of Gone (adjust more or less as you desire or if using a larger jar).  You can also use a flexible plastic container from your previous wipes. Make sure it was washed thoroughly.
      • Using WARM water, SLOWLY drizzle in the warm water while stirring.  Take a pause every so often to make sure it’s completely combined, then start adding more water.
      • When the jar is almost full, slowly start adding your folded cloth squares until the container is full.
    • I use Gone as a leave in hair treatment if I’ve been in the salt water everyday for extended periods (after a surfing vacation).  Make sure your hair is clean and wet before applying.  When I do this, I put it on pretty thick and it leaves my hair looking greasy.  If you have to go out in public, just wrap your hair up.
    • I make sugar and salt scrubs for my face, feet and hands.

You might be asking yourself, why doesn’t she use Soft only on her feet?  Why does she put makeup remover in her hair and wipe her body down with it?  People are so used to having products designed for specific areas: face, feet, and body, which is why I have a lip product, a makeup remover and a foot balm.  Don’t limit yourself to just a body part.  Think outside the box with all of the products.  My main products, Healing/Young, Defense/Nourish, and ReNew (coming soon), were designed for specific goals of the skin.  Take the time to read about each ingredient.  Decide what product(s) are best suited for you.  If you have any questions, please call or email us.

I want to provide options for people who cannot afford the most restorative products we have.  This is something Soft and Gone can provide.  People of all walks of life and of all financial statuses deserve to have a truly healthy option that is 100% toxin free.

Please remember to always apply any of my products with damp hands.  It will make your jar last longer because you don’t need a lot!  Unless you are using Gone as a make-up remover, definitely use that in full concentration.  It really is amazing at how easily it removes the most stubborn make-up!

It's hot outside and the contents melted. What do I do?

That’s OK!  Either do nothing or give it a quick gentle shake and throw in the fridge for a bit.

Gone is the most susceptible to melting and should be shaken and placed in the fridge for a little while upon arrival during the summers.

If you have any of the products that do not contain beeswax with you while…. say… living on a boat in the Caribbean (we did some extensive testing of the deodorant down there) or live in some other hot part of the world and don’t have air conditioning, it will melt and stay melted.  Not a problem, either keep it in the fridge, or just leave it out like we did.  Give it a quick roll with your wrist before opening to use.

There may be an occasion when a product may show up melted with what looks like little beads floating on top.  This could happen once in a while if the manufacturer did not ensure the lid was completely sealed air tight before shipping.  We have 2 possible remedies for you.  1, you can call and request an RMA to exchange it as outlined in the Terms & Conditions.  Or 2, put it in a warm/hot sunny window for a bit or make sure the lid is completely sealed and place the jar in hot water until it completely melts then shake it up and put it in the fridge.  DO NOT MICROWAVE or raise the temperature above 130°F, you will destroy all the nutrients your skin needs.

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