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…After years of exploring the Earth’s most natural creations, learning how to unlock the ancient healing secrets of nature, Nature’sRepair is offering the perfect combination of nutrient rich ingredients, working together to provide the perfect combination of bio-available nutrition your skin can use to naturally heal and repair itself.  Read more here on page 62

“Nature’sRepair: Food Grade Nutrition For The Skin”

…While manufacturing products uniquely, the company also has a different approach to sales and customers. While most companies are greatly concerned about the bottom line of cost versus profit in a manufacturing and marketing process, Nature’s Repair is concerned about helping people… Read More

Care Natural Blog: “A Q and A with Summer from Nature’sRepair”

…here is a post to share a Q and a with beautiful summer an extraordinarily kind founder of a safe, natural body care and organic skin care brand called nature’s repair ! nature’s repair is noted to be created with 100% safe and natural ingredients (all natural) to help to be as gentle and nourishing on skin as possible….  Read more


Nature’sRepair provides a 100% natural skin care line. Each moisturizer contains pure, hand-selected superfoods that have been carefully crafted and delicately balanced to enhance the amazing nutritional benefits of each ingredient. Enjoy an effortlessly beautiful, healthy glow on your special day and each day after by using these artisanal products.

“Life’s Little Luxuries”

Nature’sRepair delivers a tightly curated luxury skincare line that is genuinely 100% natural in every way. Sophistication combined with extraordinary elegance for intense nourishment using only premier quality superfoods. Keep your skin young, healthy and radiant naturally.

“Tips n’ Trends”

SKIN SUPERFOOD – Made purely of 100% food ingredients. Young gives your skin all the nutrients needed to be healthy.

“Be Her Man of the Year”

Nature’sRepair delivers a tightly curated luxury skincare line that is 100% natural in every way.  Sophistication combined with extraordinary craftsmanship using only premier quality ingredients.  Their range will keep your skin feeling healthy and looking naturally radiant.  Visit to find out more.

“Boss Babe”

Organic Skin Care with Summer Leigh – It has been a 10 year development of producing, testing and making beautiful natural skin care products since 2009 that has lead to today’s organic skin care company Nature’sRepair, owned and run by Summer Leigh.

Summer’s skin care line is completely toxin-free, chemical-free, additive-free, and is 100% natural. She is dedicated to ethical sourcing, working with women cooperatives and other organisations that align with her beliefs and her personal mission, which is being devoted to people over profit…(read more)

“Get In The Spirit”

NATURE’SREPAIR provides a tightly curated skincare line that is 100% natural in every way. Gracefully crafted for a silky texture using only the highest quality ingredients. Their range will keep your skin feeling healthy and looking naturally radiant. Visit to learn more.

“Christmas Crackers”

NATURE’SREPAIR is a unique skincare company that is 100% natural in every way. Their range will keep your skin feeling healthy and looking naturally radiant using only food grade ingredients. Visit to learn more about this dedicated brand devoted to healthy skin.

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