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Amazing how a quality cream can be made out of a few ingredients, no extra gunk like in most products on the market. Thanks for proving it can be done!









I started using this years ago. My skin absolutely loves it! I noticed my stretch marks began to disappear, it was amazing! So I started using it on my old scars and they began to look blended and soften. I swear by this lotion and use it all over my body after every shower.


I have been using your Healing Skin Care product for 3 months. I have psoriasis on my elbows. They have cracked open and bled and have been very tender. Always bright red and raised skin. I have used this product every day and have been surprised and joyful at the results. Within a month, no more cracking! The bright red skin is gone and my skin is smooth, not rough anymore. At this time my elbows just look a little ashy. I can wear short sleeves without feeling self conscious. Unbelievable!! Thank you for recommending this cream.


I started using these products years ago on myself and I have to say, once you start using them,, you notice the difference when you run out of them and have to use something else,…….they are that addicting!!
When I had my twins, I tried the ‘normal’ creams that all the big stores sell to get rid of diaper rash and rosacea. nothing worked and actually made the their skin more irritated. I started using healing and within a day the symptoms were noticeably gone..
p.s.. I found a small bottle that had been missing for over a year (minus the lid). I couldn’t believe that after all that time that the product was still good and never dried out!!!! Spread the word!!!












Love this stuff! as others have stated, it doesn’t look like it’ll last very long, but a little definitely goes a long way, which totally offsets the cost since normal moisturizers will need reapplied more frequently and in larger quantities. My hands are always extremely dry (even after applying normal body lotion) but a small pea sized amount spreads across both hands and lasts a good chunk of the day. This stuff is especially nice because it doesn’t leave a tacky oily mess at the end. it absorbs cleanly and leaves a smoooooooth surface 🙂 cant recommend it enough. just throwing this out there, but some travel sizes would be nice!


This is my second purchase of this product. Really like it. Got my husband to try it and he’s been using it as well. I use it in the morning and at night, mainly on my face and on other dry skin areas (elbows, heels). My skin feels very moisturized; will never purchase drug store moisturizer again. The smell is nice.


I tried the Youth today and I am already in love! It feels like a silk scarf on my skin. My son, who is suffering from the harsh winter in Ottawa, have tried Healing and Defense and his hands are better already after a few times of use.









I bought this product several months ago and now I am hooked! After living in the dry South West desert for 20 years, my hands really need this deep nurturing! The trick is to add enough water and work into the skin, otherwise, product will not be absorbed well. Great to use before gardening and before bedtime by working into cuticles.


I live in the Northern part of Saskatchewan where the weather ranges from -20 to -50(with windchill) in the winter.
I tried Nature’ Repair and LOVE it!

I’m an Alpine Ski coach, so my face is in the elements a lot. This product makes my skin look and feel healthy all day.
And lip balm – nourish is second to none.

I love love love this stuff, the excellent service and the price!

Heather S

I have a very bad case of rosacea as well as very dry facial skin. I’ve tried different brands of moisturizers, and either they are too heavy and make me break out or so light they make no difference at all. I love this product. I could tell the first time that I used it..it felt so velvety and soothing and my face didn’t itch or burn (from rosacea) like it has been with other products. I want to try the other skin care products as well. I really recommend this.









My daughter uses this for the most part. The reason she likes it is because of the ease of removing eye makeup. She doesn’t have to apply a lot of pressure to remove makeup. With other makeup removers she would apply pressure cause irritation especially around the sensitive eye area. It also serves as a moisturizer since the coconut oil moisturizers as it removes makeup/impurities.


Perfect name because when you use this, your makeup IS gone! AND you don’t have greasy residue left behind. Lucky enough to have gotten this as a gift and couldn’t recommend it enough. Great product!

Vicky E

No more harsh rubbing to get off stubborn mascara. Gone does just what it says to my makeup, it’s gone.









I use this all over my body, mainly my legs and arms. My skin looks so healthy and feels so smooth. Definitely apply with some water. It lasts forever.


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